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  Garden Designs: When it comes to your dream home, the gardens are as important as the house itself. Whether the setting is woodland, beachfront, or the shores of a lake, your landscape should blend with and enhance the natural environment. It should also provide quiet, intimate spaces where you can enjoy the outdoors. Perhaps you imagine an orchard where your children can pick apples, an abundant vegetable patch so that you can make fresh salads, or maybe your ideal garden is simply a patio that offers a seat under a shady tree, with a perennial border for cutting fresh flowers. No matter what form it takes, every Green Space Designs is created with your lifestyle and landscape in mind.

Landscape Designs

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Maintenance: Is the key to keeping a landscape beautiful over time. Regular pruning, mulching, fertilizing and disease prevention are essential for keeping plants healthy — only when plants are healthy, can a garden thrive. Green Space Designs has assembled a team of skilled gardeners, who are plant-lovers. The health and beauty of your garden is not just our job, but our passion.

Green Space Designs specializes in the creation of Deer Proof Gardens. Where the tree canopy contains and defines the landscape, focussing attention on the forest floor below - fallen mossy trees, lichen-covered rocks, striking form and texture, with delicate colors and tonal variations of green - a garden without fences; where the deer are free to roam between the rhododendrons and ferns.
  Green Space Designs also specializes in the creation of Seaside Gardens, providing a delightful foreground that frames a breathtaking ocean view. The unique conditions along a shoreline -- constant winds, salt spray, and generally thin, sandy soil -- call for particularly hardy plants that can withstand the harsh environment.
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