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Helleborus orientalis
– Christmas rose or Lenten rose – A herbaceous perennial grown for it’s unique deep pink to purple flowers, blooming from late winter to early spring. Hellebores are easy to care for, native to Europe and full hardy between zones 5 to 9. They thrive in full to partial shade and prefer moist well drained soil with a pH of 5.5 to 7. Seeds are best sown from late fall to early spring. The ideal, deer resistant, woodland plant for brightening up shady areas. Seeds are best sown from late fall to early spring. 

Green Space Designs grows a varied selection of organic Flower seeds, organic Herb seeds, and organic Vegetable seeds. Our garden is surrounded by lush forest, fresh mountain air, and the vibrant ocean waters of Cortes Island BC, Canada. The organic seed selections we offer are all grown from open pollinated, heirloom and long established varieties, on our family farm. All of our seeds are hand-pick, manually processed, and personally packaged. We have taken the Safe Seed Pledge, support the Safe Seed Program and are proud to be gmo-free.





Also, inquire about our Garden Services, which can include landscape design, consulting about organic gardening techniques, installation of plants, and maintenance of your Green Space. 

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